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Realms Of Eternal Decay

by Outer Heaven

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Radiated Destruction Repeated Dawning of a New Age Fertile Cerebral Birth Built From Dust Eclipsing Thought, Brings Flesh Useless, Diseased Aural Shapes, Through the Gateway Consciousness, Flowing Forth Inhumane Toil, Mentally Enslaved Bloodline Tainted, Obscured Synaptic Misfire, False Creation Chambers of Cursed Mortality Womb of the Earth To See Beyond All Spectrums Boundaries Beyond Death Time Forged in Essence Ethereal Manifestation Summoned by Desolate Visions Neurotic Waves Falter, Transient Formulated Procreation Growth of Knowledge, Artificial Sensory Downward Spiral Death...Rebirth...Singularity Vortex of Thought Breeding, What Lies Beneath
Soil, God of All Decay Awakened from the Depths As All Life Rots Away Existence Lies Beneath Shedding Its Mortal Shell Embalmed In Eternity Dormant Remnants of Disease Memories of Extinction Spawning the Chaotic Breed Testing the Limits of Humanity Distilled Human Beings Grotesque Creations Core of Life Genetic Infiltration What Lies Beneath… Execration of Pain The Bells of Sodom Echoing Sacrilege Through Sacrifice In Agony Crucified Gasping for the Breath of Life Shattered Boundaries of the Mind Swarming Evil Cries Living Dead, Petrified Rebirth of Swarm Emerging Infecting By Instinct The Void Between States of Being Forming the Body of Hate
Summoning Of Ancient Power Ravage Life, Savagery Twisted Mass, Deep Rotting Fear Swarming Through the Rotten Soil Cycles of Wretched Existence Undone Revocation of Mankind Stasis Absolute, Death of Species Death of Soul’s Domain Swelling of the Cosmic Sea Hive Mind Synchronicity Instinct Frenzied, Pulsating Swarm Spewing Forth, Insectine Paralyzed, In Dormancy Darkness, the Guiding Light Burning From Within Depleted Host, Reduced Deceased Gestation Molecular Extraction Assemblage of Dominance Brain Wave Structures Suspended Insertion, Chaotic Replication Physical World, Unstable Amygdalic Control, Compromised Ensuing Human Decimation
Ritual Blood Lust, Devouring Flesh Infecting, a Dead Human Feast Sanity in Losing Grip No Mercy for the Wretched and Weak Severed Flesh to Disembowel Here on the Altar of Being Psychotropic Manifest Obscuring Sense of Reality Feasting the Blood, Dying For Eternity Cranial Expansion, Rotting Torso Colonization No Messiah Illusion Control, Beyond the Realm of Pain Calls of Unknown Creation Echoing Tangled Dream of Insanity A Dying Shadow, Emerging Cold Limb, Clawing Degeneration of All That You Know Remnants of Souls Depleted A Permanent Dream Chaos, Metaphysical States Primal Awakening
Senses Dead to Mortality Beyond Earthly Reach Spirits Awake Forbidden Tombs of the Astral Gate Descending Deeper into Nothing Vermin of Otherworld Stars Scattered Amongst the Dust Moving Skyward the Branch of Death Infinite, Our Legions Formed Life Has Ceased Signs Drawn In Blood Prophet of Another Aeon The Body, Sanctuary of Cosmic Spawn Sanctum of Flesh, Eroding From Nowhere To Never Upon The Coil, Unraveled Divine Helix, Strains of Eternity Flames Fill the Sky Breeding within Me Ashes of Creation Washed Away By Tortured Winds
World in Flames A Prophecy of Skies Forces Beyond Nature Tortured Winds, a Cleansing Plague Fragment of Bone, Corpses Pile Black of Night, Red of Skies Forming the Figure of Desire Sacrifice, Winds of Death A Monument to World’s End Plague Bearer, Mouth of the World Where Your Temple Lies Purging Their Souls, in Blackened Fire Immortalized in Dying Glow Elements Entangled, Drawn from the Dust Summoned in Silence, Bodies Form the Altar Order of the Master’s Hand Spewing From Molten Ground In Soil of Ashes Forces Converging Constructing the Spire
Bloodspire 04:15
Reaches of Old, Beacon of the Damned Offerings Ablaze at the Altar Mark of the Flesh Idols, Fallen to Decay Birth of the New Age Graves Descending, Forming Unknown Chambers of Bone, Dripping Death Serpent of World, in Darkness Blind to Fate, Consuming Time Becoming One with Afterlife Twisted Formations Sicken, Hallucinate Obscured Reality, Enfolding Drained of Infinite Obsession Necrotic Absolution Possessed by Voices, Unknown Entranced in Sacrifice, of Self Feel the Mist of Blackened Tomb Drawing Closer to Fate Denied Eternal at the Gate Ascending Spiral Finality Stepping Forward into the Flame
Mound of Carcasses, Piled High Consuming Impulse, Suicide Led unto the Final Hour Sacrificial Reign of Power Rebirth of Morbid Creation Skin Begins to Peel Away Sentenced to a Living Grave Creation of Imperfect Design Flowing Through Rotten Soil Devolving Embryonic State Synaptic Pathways Regulate Symbiotic Regeneration Tendrils Grasping, Lifeless State Greater Forms of Consciousness
Writhe in Disgust Wings of Disease, Descending Columns of Light Scorn of the Earth, Abominations of Time Dwelling of the Ancient Beast Destroyer, Creator I Pray to Thee Ripping Chasm, a Fever Plague A Burning of the Ancient Ways Sanctuary Hallowed Earth Ascendancy of Sacred Birth Morbid Suffering, Infernal Harmony Disembodied Souls of Bestial Blood Lust, Unholy Impulse Blasphemous Chambers Carnal in Nature Ancient Blood Tainted Offerings Banished from Afterlife Haunting Sacrality Harvester of Deathly Fate Venomous Psalms of Possession Rite Summoning the End of Worlds Draining Prophetic, the Temple Rises Devouring All Forms of Life Realms in Decay
Unending Destruction of Worlds Imperfect, Decaying The One True, Eternal Draining From Within Between Two Worlds, a Cleansing Phantom Plague, Ravaged Souls Deathly Secretion in Misery Conceiving Blackened Energy Laid Barren upon the Coil Veil of Tribulation, Paradigm of Servitude Lies in a State of Infinite Matter Waves of Interplanetary Destruction Fragmented Organisms, Absorbed….Disposed Horde of Apparitions, Forgotten Glimpse Spectral Visions Illuminate Emptiness Resides in Bottomless Depths Nocturnal Senses Resonate A Conquered World, Untamed Omen of Darkened Sky, a Prophecy Fulfilled Traces of Cosmic Unrest Across Realms in Decay


Conjured in the backwoods of Pennsylvania, Death Metal newcomers OUTER HEAVEN spew forth their long-awaited debut album Realms of Eternal Decay. Across 10 tracks and 30+ minutes of grotesque, groove-laden old-school Death Metal, OUTER HEAVEN immediately raise the bar for the new generation of extreme bands. Realms of Eternal Decay was produced by Kevin Bernsten (Skeletonwitch, Full of Hell, Integrity) at Developing Nations Studios mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Cavalera Conspiracy, Inquisition, Pissgrave). Features sickening cover artwork by Matthew Stikker (Power Trip).


released October 12, 2018

2018 Relapse Records


all rights reserved



Outer Heaven Douglassville, Pennsylvania

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